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Vulture Capitalism

with Grace Blakeley

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Date: Monday 28 October 2024
Time: 20:00 (drinks from 19:30)
Location: Arminius, Museumpark 3, Rotterdam
Admission: €10,- (regular), €6,- (reduced)
Language: English

On Monday October 28 we welcome acclaimed political commentator, economist and author Grace Blakeley for a discussion on how late-stage capitalism has gone wrong. In her new book Vulture Capitalism: Corporate Crimes, Backdoor Bailouts and the Death of Freedom Blakeley takes on the world’s most powerful corporations by showing how the causes of our modern crises are the intended result of our capitalist system. It’s not broken, it’s working exactly as planned.

From JPMorgan to Boeing, Henry Ford to Richard Nixon, Blakeley highlights where free market ideology has faltered. It is capitalism, rather than populism and authoritarian strongmen, that is responsible for the crisis in democracy we see today. So what can we do to turn the tide and take back control?

‘A galvanising takedown of neoliberalism’s “free market” logic, one rooted in as much history as it is in current events’ – NAOMI KLEIN

‘A must-read for anyone keen to put the demos back in democracy’ – YANIS VAROUFAKIS

‘Read this book if you want to make fundamental changes to the world’ – HA-JOON CHANG


Grace Blakeley

Grace Blakeley is a staff writer at Tribune magazine and author of Stolen: How to Save the World from Financialisation and The Corona Crash. She previously worked as a research fellow for the Institute for Public Policy Research and as the New Statesman’s economic commentator. She appears regularly in the media as a political and economic commentator.

Hani Salih

Hani Salih is a researcher, writer, editor and curator sitting at the edge of a long list of disciplines and practices; Starting with architecture all the way over to systems and policy. Hani is interested in understanding wider contexts to social and cultural phenomena and is currently doing this through his teaching work in architecture and design education.

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